Business & Domestic Rat Control Solutions for Carlisle

Rat infestations and flood induced migrations of these large rodents can be serious problems for home and business owners in Carlisle!

Rats can be fabulous animals when kept as pets. But... wild Brown and Black rats living amongst our detritus and in our forgotten spaces can carry very unpleasant diseases; cause unbelievable physical damage and contaminate food in surprisingly inaccessible places.

It is often said that you are never more than 10 yards away from a rat in the UK. There might just be some truth in that and for that reason it is best to avoid rat problems in the first place! However, sometimes they defeat even the best defences!

Rat Infestation can cause major problems in Carlisle. Rat Control solutions by from Carlisle City Control will save your day

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Signs of Rat Infestation

What might give you a clue that you’ve got a rat problem brewing? Scratching noises where nothing should be scratching and small, dark brown pellets turning up around the house – rat droppings - are early signs that there’s a potential rat incursion.

Because rats are mainly nocturnal it’s usually the signs that are spotted rather than the actual rat. Here’s what you need to be on the lookout for:

Evidence for a Potential Rat Problem

  • Rat Droppings: Rat droppings are usually dark brown tapered pellets that are spindle shaped with pointed ends noticeably larger than grains of long-grain rice.
  • Dirty Marks & Footprints: The places we leave open to rats tend to be grim, so grease on their bodies will smudge walls and work surfaces and there are often clear footprints and tail trails where it’s dusty!
  • Urine smell: As it dries off rat’s urine gives off a really unpleasant stink! Not only that it’s the medium for transmission of the Weil’s Disease bacteria. Avoid touching this with your bare skin!
  • Scratching & Squeaking Noises: Black rats in particular, are pretty capable climbers. They will often find their way into lofts whereupon you will be treated to a whole range of unsettling noises through the night.
  • Holes: Brown rats like to go low so will often dig out burrows where they will shelter, stash their stolen food and construct their nests for breeding.
  • Nests: Rats will gnaw and rip apart any softish material that’s available. You will find anything from dismembered soft toys to loft insulation, cardboard and your long lost odd socks: shredded and gathered to make a warm comfortable nest for the next litter of young rats.
  • Damaged Insulation: PVC insulation seems to appeal to rats and you may start seeing slivers of coloured plastic where there are exposed wires.

So if you have heard scratching noises, smelled the unexpected smell of urine or spotted any of the visible evidence above, it’s time to call Carlisle City Control!

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Rat Control Strategies For Carlisle Businesses

Carlisle businesses are as vulnerable to the rat problem as anywhere else. Our many food businesses in particular would be at risk of closure ih the event of a rat infestation. There are other health and safety issues such a gnawing rats triggering an electrical fire. Businesses should invest in an ongoing professional rat control programme to ensure protection against the commercial risk of rats being found on your premises.

Our rodenticide expertise ensures the safest, most appropriate rat baits are in safe bait stations. We can also deliver an odour control service for dealing with the smell of decaying rats in the walls and other inaccessible places.

Professional Rat Control Treatments For Home & Business

Rat Bait and Bait Stations

Baits containing a powerful rodenticide are the most effective method of killing the rats that are already present. These rat poisons contain a chemical that is incredibly bitter if accidentally consumed by humans ensuring ingestion is nearly impossible. In combination with our bait stations, the rat baits we use are a potent rat control programme. The design ensures that they are safe to use even when your children or pets are in the building.

We keep up to date by training our technicians in best practise for the use of SGARs (second generation anticoagulant rodenticides). We always work to the code of practise of the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) stewardship scheme. We are determined to protect non target wildlife and plant species.