Wasp Control and Nest Removal For Carlisle

Wasps - Know your enemy

We’re probably all familiar with that sudden sharp stab of pain that tells us we’ve just disturbed a wasp! Starting in spring when the queen wasps come out of hibernation there are no active wasp nests to worry about, just surviving queens looking for suitable places to build new nests. Curiously, their fierce looking “mouth” parts are just mandibles used for catching and feeding prey to their larvae. Adults suck liquid such as nectar through tubes mouths like bees.

The other use of mandibles is for stripping and pulping the wood needed for nest construction. Wasp larvae regurgitate some of the chitin in this insect food as a sugary liquid on which the adults feed. When a queen chooses a nest site she’ll start stripping wood. You may see little white lines on sheds and fences and even hear this happening. The wood is chewed, mixed with saliva and wax creating a paper like material to build a nest.

Wasp Control and Wasp Nest Removal in Carlisle from Carlisle City Control

Eggs are laid and on hatching queens forage for food for the larvae. The larvae grow quickly and the first clutch of adult workers take over nest building and care for the next larvae. The queen now lays up to 100 eggs per day. As summer ends, queen eggs and unfertilized drone eggs are laid. Over 1000 new queens hatch from a typical nest.

Egg laying ceases and the new queens and drones leave the nest to mate. After mating the fertilised queens hibernate and all the drones die. This is where problems usually emerge. After the final hatching adult worker wasps now have no food source because all the wasp larvae are gone. These starving wasps go looking for other food sources and this is when they are most likely to cross paths with us. Any source of sugary food: beer, sugary drinks or exposed food become a target for ravenous wasps. Very soon remaining adult wasps and old queens die off due to starvation and the cycle waits for spring.

After experiencing a wasp problem many exasperated people wonder what use these troublesome creatures are, but it is important to remember that they are important pollinators like bees: as workers seek out nectar from flowers in spring and early summer. However if a wasps nest starts causing problems near your home or business; particularly around schools and nurseries, just call Carlisle City Control for your wasp removal solution!

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Signs of Nearby Wasp Nests

Typically it’s the first sting and the realisation that there are dozens of wasps around which you hadn’t previously noticed that is the trigger for seeking wasp nest removal pros! There are other clues too.

Evidence for a Potential Wasp Nest Problem

  • Live Wasps: When you realise that suddenly there are an awful lot of wasps around and yourself, family members or colleagues mention stings more than once.
  • White lines on wood panelling: These are the marks left by wasps harvesting wood for nest building.
  • Dead Wasps: If you become aware of significant numbers of dead wasps carpeting an area there’s likely to be a nest nearby.

If you are having too many uncomfortable close encounters of the yellow stripy kind, it’s time to call Carlisle City Control!

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How To Get Rid of Wasps Nests the Carlisle City Control Way

Dealing with wasps nests isn’t for the faint hearted, it’s certainly not for the amateur and it is particularly dangerous if you have an allergy to wasp stings. An incompetent attempt to remove a wasp nest can result in a swarm of thousands of wasps attacking you which can be near fatal: just from the pain, shock, and sheer volume of toxin that is injected! In the case of allergy, the risk of anaphylactic shock is considerable!

For that awkward wasp nest in loft space or just above the door in the allotment shed, call in a professional wasp control service, like ourselves, the safest and most effective way of getting rid of gardens houses or business premises anywhere in Carlisle or the surrounding villages.

Carlisle City Control’s service includes:

  • A free initial site visit for long term prevention and monitoring contracts.
  • On Site Survey – to determine the location of the nest and any entry points that allowed wasps into the premises.
  • Quick Careful Treatments – We will recommend the best method of wasp extermination in the problem site only and the best time to arrange wasps nest removal.
  • Wasp Deterrent - Once the wasp removal is complete, we will give you advice to discourage future invasions of your home or business.
  • All work is carried out by BPCA (British Pest Control Association) trained and qualified officers.

Wasp nest removal For Carlisle Businesses

Wasps nest aren’t usually a major business hazard in Carlisle, but if you become aware that there is a problem nest developing then it is in your customers interests to have the possibility investigated and to log your actions. Carlisle City Control’s Solutions offer you a rapid response and effective removal for schools, nurseries, playgroups, food establishments and venues in the Great Border City!

Professional Wasp Nest Treatments and Removal

Contact insecticides and Nest Removal

Once the location has been identifies, a pest control officer will don protective gear to avoid wasp stings, and will either blow contact insecticide into the entrance to the nest or if the nest is inaccessible, insecticide will be placed at the ntrance so that the wasps themselves do the distribution. Within a couple of days the last wasps will have succumbed to the poison and if necessary or practical, we can remove the nest and dispose of its remains.