Pest Control Measures: Prevention

Carlisle City Control have successfully removed the stress of pest and vermin problems from dozens of satisfied business clients and home owners. However we believe prevention is better than having to call in the cavalry when things get out of hand. Our record of successful management of pest problems in the Carlisle area is due to our understanding of pest ecology and behaviour.

Take everybody’s least favourite vermin when they turn up in the wrong place. Dealing with rats can be a nightmare but we understand how to deter rats and our building experience gives us the upper hand in rat proofing the exterior of your building.

We are masters of flea, tick and bed bug prevention advice for yourself and your family, Carlisle City Control will make sure that you are not the local vermin’s next port of call!

Pest Prevention Measures in Carlisle from Carlisle City Control

Our pest prevention services aim to ensure that one of our trained and experienced technicians undertakes a thorough integrated programme of pest and vermin management so that YOU benefit from the confidence that you are much less likely to suffer the inconvenience and stress of pest problems. When you understand how to keep mice away after a long running problem, you will sleep better at night!

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The Carlisle City Control Approach

Physical control methods: These can be as simple as fly screens to keep the intruders to a minimum in the summer. We can also advise on physical means of proofing for birds as well as rodents. We can deploy physical methods of pest detection and trapping as an effective means of assessing the severity of a particular pest or vermin problem. Carlisle City Control are the experts in Giving You the upper hand in gaining long term control over a particular unwelcome infestation.

Environmental control methods: Sometimes the simplest of oversights can lead to a significant problem. Getting on top of pest control can be as simple as improving ventilation or hygiene practices and undertaking more rigorous sanitation procedures to reduce risks of cockroach infestation for example. After all – if conditions aren’t conducive – your unwanted little friends are less likely to stick around!

Chemical Control Methods: Chemicals are the usual go to for control and prevention of pests. In many cases those chemicals are themselves very harmful to the environment if used without careful thought! While they are often necessary, Carlisle City Control take the most rigorous care with the mouse repellents that tend to be out of sight and the flea and insect deterrents that are often in your own living spaces. We believe use of chemicals should be undertaken carefully using the appropriate licensed pesticide and the best current practise in the means of application. Our trained team do this to reduce any risk to human, animal or plant life in the vicinity and to take care of the wider environment.

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Pest Prevention Services

Typically, the best, most effective pest repellent services combine the use of more than one of the above measures, where possible, to make the environment less suited to the survival of pests.

Call us today for discrete pest control measures for these pest problems and more, our services include:

  • Environmental health pest control methods
  • Vermin and pest deterrent strategies
  • Rat deterrent methods and rat proofing structures
  • Keep mice away, with the best mouse repellent
  • Flea & bed bug prevention with effective use of flea repellent
  • Environmentally sound bee repellent methods