Bed Bug Control For Carlisle Premises

Bed Bugs – Know Your Enemy

There’s been a resurgence in the bed bug world, even up here in Carlisle! And... once they are in your house and the bites have started to itch, bed bug removal is all most people can think about! These wingless bugs show up in all kinds of dwellings but are actually most common where there is a high turnover of people. Hotels, motels, shelters, hostels, tenements and prisons are their typical haunt! International travel is the biggest factor in the growth of this parasitic nuisance, which is believed to have originated in Asia when our ancestors shared caves with their original hosts - bats!. We now understand how bed bugs hitch a ride on and in travellers’ luggage and clothing in the modern world.

Infestation by bed bugs isn’t usually due to bad housekeeping or poor hygiene but the simple result of coming into contact with them at some stage. Bed bugs aren’t picky!

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Bed bugs are typically reddish-brown in colour, a flattened oval in shape and about 5- 7mm long. The flattened body has evolved so that it’s easy for them to hide in cracks and tiny holes. They lurk there until a meal comes to rest within reach of their hiding place. Once they’ve reached a food source i.e. you; bed bugs stay close! This tends to be the bed where you sleep, hence the name! We are very familiar with the frustration and emotional stress caused by these parasites. The irritation of the bites themselves and their potential for secondary infection because of most people’s constant scratching. So how do you get rid of bed bugs? Call Carlisle City Control and we’ll get rid of your problem.

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Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

The most common first sign after you may have noticed an itchy spot with no apparent cause is the bodies of dead adults. Spotting of bedding and a peculiar smell can all be detected on occasion.

Evidence for a Potential Bed Bug Problem:

    • Live Insects: finding a non descript bug dead in your premises isn’t usually a cause for alarm, but live bugs are easily recognised for the nuisance they are.
    • Cast Skins: As the nymphs of bed bugs develop into adults they go through 5 moults as they grow. This is the most common evidence that people find.
    • Spotting: Particularly noticeable on bedding. Faecal material that looks like blood spots from can be the sign you need to make a call for help.
    • Sweet Smell: If an infestation has become severe there is a scent exuded by bed bugs that can be noticed - if you are not in the room all the time.

So, from that first almost unremarkable itch to the realisation that there is a growing colony of bed bugs in your house or hotel, there can be a lot of stress and sleepless nights! Don’t prolong the anxiety, it’s time to call Carlisle City Control!

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How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs the Carlisle City Control Way

A professional bug extermination service, like ourselves, is the quickest, least stressful and most effective way of getting rid of bed bugs from bedrooms or business premises. Carlisle City Control’s service includes:

  • A free initial site visit for long term prevention and monitoring contracts.
  • On Site Survey – to assess the severity of the infestation and identify any factors that may have brought the bed bugs into the premises.
  • Quick Careful Treatments – We will recommend a treatment and prevention strategy, then unobtrusively eradicate the parasites.
  • Species Deterrent - Once we safely get rid of the current colony of bed bugs from your home or business, we will give you guidelines on a bed bug prevention strategy to discourage future infestation.
  • All work is carried out by BPCA (British Pest Control Association) trained and qualified technicians.

If there is any suspicion that bed bugs have come into your home or premises then Carlisle City Control’s treatments and bed bug control solutions are what you need to invest in.

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Bed Bug Control Strategies For Carlisle Businesses

Bed bugs aren’t generally seen as a business issue by the general public, but for a hotel, guest house or medical facility, they can be very damaging to your reputation. When the comfort of your guests, visitors or service users is imperative, then a rapid solution to a bed bug problem is what Carlisle City Solutions can offer you.

Professional Bed Bug Control Treatments For Home & Business

Bed Bug Monitors

An alert householder or hospitality professional may find a single sign of bed bugs being present. Our monitor will attract and trap any bed bugs that are in the vicinity so that we can give you an accurate assessment of the need for bed bug control measures.

Crack and Crevice Treatment

In order to treat localised infestations or track down any elusive colonies of bed bugs, we will use a flushing treatment which will wash bed bugs from the likely cracks where they like to hide out which will loosen some for observation and assessment. Those that are not washed loose will be killed by the contact insecticide contained in the flushing fluid.

Contact Insecticide Treatments

We have a range of bed bug killers in our arsenal to make bed bug removal less stressful for you whatever your circumstances or whatever the environment. Most of our insecticides suitable for bed bugs are based on natural toxins and are generally safe for the wider environment and family homes. Placed where the bugs are likely to find them easily, the contact with the toxin leads to the insect’s death a short time later: by absorption through its exoskeleton.


Rarely used these days fumigation of a premises with a penetrating insecticide is only ever necessary in the case of a long established and very heavy infestation.