Mouse Control for Carlisle Homes and Businesses

Mouse infestation in your home isn’t just an inconvenience, these smaller commensal rodents can become an active health risk on account of the infectious bacteria and viruses they can spread, mainly from our own waste! Carlisle businesses are equally open to invasion by these damaging rodents with even more dire consequences when business viability and reputation are threatened. This becomes a particularly acute problem in kitchens, food processing environments or anywhere that children play. These aren’t cute little pet mice gone rogue, these are wild critters who are doing everything they can, just to survive!

Once mouse problems begin, they can escalate rapidly, due to their prolific breeding behaviour.

Getting rid of mice is an ongoing problemn in Carlisle. Need Mouse Control from Carlisle City Control

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Signs of Mouse Infestation

Signs of a mouse problem are subtle at first and you may only slowly become aware of scratching noises and an unusual odour. However it’s the little droppings that usually give the game away in the end.

Tell Tale Signs of Mouse Problems

  • Mouse Droppings: Mouse droppings are spotted as small, dark pellets often along walls as they like to stay close to vertical surfaces. They are often spotted first in hidden areas mouse activity in cupboards or under sinks.
  • Sound of Scratching: Mice get into many unexpected places where their activity can be heard. Wall cavities, spaces behind flat pack cupboards and between ceilings and floors are all likely haunts.
  • Mousy Smell: Mice leave urine trails as they explore new areas and these soon start to produce an unpleasant stink!
  • Property Damage: The constantly growing incisors of mice have to be continually worn down or they will kill the animal. Mice gnaw on anything hard that they can find to keep their teeth in control.
  • Nests: Mouse nests mark a dominant male’s territory and are often hard to find in quiet out of sight places. Like rats they will grab any soft material from grass or cardboard to dropped underpants; shred it, carry it away and bind it together to create a warm shelter.

Most people’s first clue that there is a mouse problem is the droppings behind the last tin of beans! Don’t stress about how to get rid of mice in walls and under floorboards... it’s time to call Carlisle City Control. We get rid of mice quickly and efficiently and take away the stress for you!

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Getting Rid of Mice the Carlisle City Control Way

The days of the mouse catcher cat and the Pied Piper seem to be long gone. The best way to get rid of mice and their associated problems is to call in a professional, trained and experienced mouse exterminator like ourselves. It really is the quickest, least stressful and most effective and humane way of mice removal from your home or business. Carlisle City Control’s service includes:

  • A Survey - to assess the degree of infestation and identify any ingress points that might have allowed mouse access.
  • Effective Treatments - We will recommend a treatment and proofing solution based on our survey, then implement a mouse extermination routine and advise you on how to deter mice in future.
  • Species Deterrent - Once the mice have been exterminated and removed – where practicable, we can then carry out mouse pest control measures to prevent future infestations and give you peace of mind.
  • All work is carried out by BPCA (British Pest Control Association) trained and qualified technicians.

So – if you hear the scurrying or find the “dottles” of mouse droppings in your cupboards then Carlisle City Control’s mouse extermination and mouse pest control services are your best way to remove mice from your home or business and the long term solution to remain mouse free.

We can help with your mouse problems today:

Mouse Pest Control Strategies For Carlisle Businesses

Although small, mice can present businesses with an outsized problem for their peace of mind; health and safety of the workforce and their reputation with customers. In food establishments, medical facilities and educational premises, mouse infestation demands a rapid response that works.

Carlisle City Control can discretely and thoroughly solve your problem with a minimum of stress.

Professional Mouse Control Treatments For Home & Business

Electromagnetic and Electronic Mouse Control

A humane method of mouse control is the plug in electronic device. This can be effective over a period of a few days. The electronic units alter the induced magnetic field generated by your a/c domestic electric cables and this seems to be very irritating to all mouse species, typically field or house mice.

Being gentler on the animals themselves this method will not always be effective. There are other electronic methods of dealing with mice. There are a variety of electronic mouse traps that can electrocute a mouse when it finds its way into the device. These can be effective; but as the surviving mice seem capable of learning from experience, may only be a temporary solution.

Mouse Poison (Rodenticides)

If quick extermination of the mouse problem is the priority then poison is by far the most successful mouse pest control method. The most effective rodenticides are only available for trained and accredited professionals to us. We comply with all restrictions laid down by professional bodies.

We keep up to date by training our technicians in best practise for the use of SGARs (second generation anticoagulant rodenticides). We always work to the codes of practise of the the Health & Safety Executive, BPCA and Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) stewardship scheme. We are determined to protect non target wildlife and plant species.

Modern Mouse Traps

Many customers have ethical and environmental concern over the use of poisons and or an aversion to the bad odour caused by dead mice in inaccessible places. Modern mouse traps are another method of mouse control we can implement.

If there is a large infestation of mice, mouse traps aren’t the best method because mice are rapid learners when they see what happens when one of them triggers a trap. Multi catch mouse traps are a more effective solution if set finely enough for mice to trigger them. Their inquisitiveness is their downfall.