Insect Pest Control

Carlisle City Control’s experienced pest control technicians are very familiar with our local residents and business owners’ needs for insect pest control. Even in the cool north, insect infestation problems can become too big or messy to handle safely on your own. Even in the middle of peak infestation times, we can almost always mount an emergency response to problems the same day.

We are on hand when you need us with a comprehensive solution and a wide variety of preventative treatments. Usually it’s very commonplace insect infestations in the home that we have to quickly and efficiently clear up. Increasingly, we have dealt with surprising numbers of exotic and unusual species hitching a ride on imported goods! We have the training to put you at ease and put an end to your problem.

Cockroaches are the most extreme form of Insect Pest Control needed in Carlisle: Carlisle City Control can handle them for you!

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No insect control job is too small

There’s no insect pest problem that we are unwilling or unable to deal with. From straight forward extermination to preventative work to avoid a reoccurrence.

The inconvenient scourge of biting insects that can make homes and workplaces uncomfortable include mosquitoes, fleas and bedbugs. The main health risk is the transmission of infectious diseases by the biters penetrating skin and feeding on your (or the pets) blood.

As well as the health hazards insects may pose if untreated, insect, bug and parasite infestations can also damage the health of your wallet. So don't let these little blighters make your life a misery!

Carlisle City Control have a complete solution to insect control in the city and surrounding villages. Call today for a consultation by one of our experts. We use the latest in insect pest control techniques including safer insecticides and our own experience.

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Our Insect Pest Control Services

Consultation Service: A no obligation visit to assess the problem and give you the facts behind an insect infestation. We identify actual species involved, any risks they present, the best methods to remove them. If you are happy with our assessment we will take the necessary action.

When we receive your call for help, we try to send out our technician the same day for maximum convenience. We specialise in insect extermination processes that give immediate results. Whatever scale of infestation, we happily operate in all kinds of properties and we customise our extermination methods to your environment as unobtrusively as possible.

Bed Bug Control: Carlisle City Control are well used to helping you clean out these unwelcome companions! We will visit your property and carry out a thorough inspection, to assess the degree of your bed bug infestation. This is followed by extermination optional advice on preventing a return.

Wasp Nest Removal: Our wasp nest removal team have amassed years of experience removing problematic nests from homes, schools, nurseries and business premises. You can be assured that we will soon have your living spaces liveable again without the annoyance of being on the lookout for another black and yellow nasty!

Flea Control: The flea has been a survivor for millennia which is the reason they can pop anywhere – dirty or clean! Despite people’s embarrassment about these little critters, they are a very common inconvenience, our years of flea control experience in homes and businesses have taught us how to cure your problem quickly and effectively.

Cockroach Control: They say that it will be the “roaches” that take over after we ruin our planet... they are another primeval survivor! However we’ll make sure they don’t take your world over in our lifetime. Though not common in the UK, cockroaches still need occasional control measures to stop the nuisance they can cause.