Flea Control Carlisle

Sometimes our dearly beloved pets can bring some unwanted guests indoors with them. The humble flea loves nothing more than some warm, juicy mammal to extract some nutritious blood from. These insect parasites need to extract a blood meal from their host to thrive and breed. Their most common route into our homes and business premises is with our warm blooded pets. Once established in a space, the fleas may not be a noticeable problem until a rodent or pet host is caught and removed or you and your pets have been away for an extended period. Your return may trigger a frenzy of leaping starving adult fleas in the home! Not quite what you were expecting to return to.

Self help may work. Treatment with a household flea spray – followed by careful hoovering of carpets, upholstery and cracks in floors can remove many of the adults, eggs and larvae but often this is insufficient on its own. If you are left wondering how to get rid of fleas effectively! Then you can call for our professional help!

Do you know how to get rid of Fleas? Carlisle City Control have all the answers Carlisle pet, home and guest accommodation owners need.

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How to spot a flea infestation

Evidence for a Potential Flea Problem

  • Fleas may be seen crawling on the fur of family pets.
  • Fine black droppings (that are usually described as looking like ground black pepper) on your pets’ skin. This is adult flea faeces. Often detectable by combing pet fur over a sheet of white paper!
  • Signs of flea droppings on pet bedding, household carpets and rugs.
  • Eggs! (Very difficult to spot though). Fleas lay eggs on their host’s body. But they fall off to be hidden in any random concealment. The dropped eggs are tiny, half a millimetre in length, oval and white: making them difficult to spot!

So, if you think you may have seen a tiny insect crawling around the pets’ fur or on your skin – before it suddenly vanished or you think you’ve spotted some eggs after a previous flea infestation; then it’s time to call Carlisle City Control!

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Flea Removal & Control Services

Getting Rid of Fleas the Carlisle City Control Way
Fleas can be subdued using household flea spray but it’s rarely 100% effective. The problem becomes noticeable again a few weeks later when the surviving eggs and larvae have emerged. A professional flea control company, like Carlisle City Control, is the quickest, least stressful and most effective way of getting rid of rats from your home or business. Carlisle City Control’s service includes:
  • A Survey – to assess the severity of the infestation and identify which flea species is the culprit.
  • We will offer a treatment that’s specific to the flea species and doesn’t harm pets, children or the environment.
  • All work is carried out by BPCA (British Pest Control Association) trained and qualified technicians.
If you need help getting rid of fleas in your home, then Carlisle City Control’s flea control treatments and are the best way to de flea home or business and a better long term solution to remain clear of these parasites.

Flea Control Strategies For Carlisle Businesses

For businesses that realise they have a flea problem, it can be a reputational nightmare! It’s off putting for your staff and it certainly won’t endear you to visitors and customers. This is especially true for Carlisle’s hospitality businesses and more so for those who are pet friendly. You need rapid effective action and that is precisely what we can offer at Carlisle City Control.

Professional Flea Control Treatments For Home & Business

Vacuum Cleaning

Our powerful vacuums will remove the vast majority of adults and a significant proportion of the eggs and larvae.

Topical Insecticides

We use a combination of powder and spray insecticides to exterminate the surviving fleas, larvae and eggs; depending on the type of space that is infested. Our BPCA registered control officer is licensed to use chemicals that aren’t available to the general public.